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About the Corbus

CorbusCorbus, LLC, a global solutions provider founded in 1994, offers superior services combining years of experience, solid partnerships and adaptability. Corbus’ solutions encompass Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Project Management (PMO) services.

Our IT portfolio consists of E-Commerce, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Third Party Testing and Custom Solutions. In SCM, we specialize in Source-to-Pay (S2P), Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Spend Management and MRO. Corbus also offers a complete set of PMO solutions including Project Management Capability Assessment, Project Recovery, Project Plan Validation and the Project Audit, and Enterprise Project Management Software.

Today, Corbus has emerged as a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider offering Procurement, Supply Chain, E-Commerce and Credit Services.

  • C– Customer Driven
  • O– Operational Excellence
  • R– Respectful, Open and Collaborative
  • B– Balanced in Work and Home
  • U– Unwavering Innovation
  • S– Steadfast Integrity

Life at Corbus: Corbus ensures work life balance with facilities such as Flexi time, along with an exciting and rewarding atmosphere for individuals who aspire to be the very best in their field.

HR best practice that employees vouch for:

  • Safe, Healthy And Happy Workplace
  • 360-Degree Performance Management Feedback System
  • Fair Evaluation System For Employees
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Focus on Performance and Performers
  • Open House Discussions And Feedback Mechanisms
  • Reward Ceremonies
  • Delight Employees With The Unexpected

We welcome new people with Individual attention to every employee by Senior Stakeholders.

Let’s talk careers. We’re keen to hear from you.

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