6 Smart ways to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile.


linkedin-profile-imageIn today’s world of social media frenzy, one cannot undermine the importance of how a profile should view on social and professional media sites. It is imperative to draft a balanced profile to get viewed and connected with the right recruiters and HR professionals. It won’t be wrong to say that a person’s LinkedIn profile may hold the key to his/her successful future. Having said this, there are no set rules and while some tips may work for a few people, others may have to tweak them to meet their requirements.

Statistics show that as of July 2015, LinkedIn had 380 million users, which proves that the professional media site is an invaluable resource for both job seekers as well as recruiters. So, what is it that will ensure your profile stands out from amongst the thousands of others and you become the recruiters’ first choice? Let’s focus on some tips to spruce up your profile a few notches up.

  1. Keywords hold the key

Strategically used keywords can make a whole lot of difference while building a LinkedIn profile. Be searchable by making your profile SEO friendly. This way, your name will show up in searches giving you a greater chance that recruiters view your profile. For instance, if your profile includes the term ‘digital analyst’, it is recommended to incorporate synonyms for this term such as ‘web’, ‘online’, ‘analytics’, ‘internet’, etc. in the profile.

  1. Post a professional snap

Researchers say that including a photograph improves the chances of a profile getting viewed by almost 11-fold. However, knowing that LinkedIn is a profession site, you cannot put just any picture, for instance, a picture from one of your trips or parties is strictly forbidden. It has to be a decent photograph, preferably clicked in formal or semiformal attire.

  1. Keep your profile updated

There are recruiters who regularly scan profiles for their hiring process. In such a scenario, negligence on your end in updating your profile will reflect negatively, and chances are that the recruiters may see it as a sign of lethargy. Hence, keep updating your profile and try not to leave any sections blank. It is also recommended that you join groups that are relevant to your interests and engage in discussions as regularly as possible.

  1. Summary speaks a thousand words

Show recruiters who you are through a well defined summary, which obviously is not a straight lift from the resume. A detailed summary that includes key information should work just right. It should consist of an introduction and the kind of skills and experiences you possess. A good summary surely succeeds in drawing the recruiters’ attention, immediately.

  1. Work on increasing number of connections

It is more likely that your profile will appear in a recruiter’s search result if you have more connections. Try to identify the kind of people you would like to be linked with. So, getting in touch with people from the same industry enhances your chances of getting viewed by the right recruiters. You can also join groups that are connected to your trade, as recruiters from the same work-field might be members too.

  1. Showcase your talents and skills

Make the most out of LinkedIn’s post feature where you can upload different file types including images, videos, word files, PowerPoint presentations and more. Here, you can showcase your previous work (projects) that got you accolades from your seniors. This feature makes your LinkedIn profile look like a portfolio for recruiters to browse through. So, upload any new achievements / projects that you feel are vital to your field of work.

Follow these simple yet impactful steps and see how they do wonders to your profile in getting shortlisted by top recruiters.

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