Your social profile: Make every view count.


The decision to follow you on Twitter or to send you a request to connect on LinkedIn happens within seconds of a visitor coming on to your profile page. And in those few seconds, you start a new relationship or miss out on one.twitter-facebook

Meet these social media experts who tell you what they look for when they stop by on your profile page. Here’s a reckoner on how to make every profile view count, whether you are in the middle of a job search, keen to grow your business network or just reaching out to people with similar interests.

1. Back to basics: Don’t forget to network.

Social media expert and recruitment blogger Kunjal Kamdar says he looks for the basics. A complete and well-written LinkedIn Profile (or any other choice of platform depending on your profession) is a must. But he stresses that a real pro will look at the size of your network. Whether a visitor gets hooked by your profile page, he says depends on whether you have used that social networking platform for what it is meant for – to grow and build a circle of influence and your peer network.

Kunjal Kamdar: Social media expert, Recruiter, Author of

2. A dormant account is a No-No!

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and content creation, Daakshi Khushwaha from RepIndia has one thing to tell you. Being active is the key! Keep track of the industry trends relevant to your field, give your opinions about them, share valuable content and engage. Nothing says ‘not interested’ like an inactive social media account.

Daakshi Khushwaha: Social media marketing and content expert
Daakshi Khushwaha: Social media marketing and content expert

3. Honesty goes a long way

Marketing veteran Neha says that while being active on social media is very important, it is not enough. She looks for consistent opinions that are honest to who you are in real life. Consistency and honesty are the key to building an online community that values you and feels valued by you in return. Don’t miss the reference to building your personal brand and ensuring that your unique personality shines through.

Neha Bawa: Social Media Marketing Veteran
Neha Bawa: Social Media Marketing Veteran

4. It’s not just about you: Endorse others, participate and share

Human Resource guru Nicole D. Marie tells it like it is. The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself. On Twitter, retweet accounts that you agree with, acknowledging mentions and retweets. Endorse relevant content and people when you come across them. In short, follow others and build real relationships to earn a strong following for yourself.

Nicole D. Marie: CEO, Voice behind: @female_leader and @NewToHR

5. Engage with thought leaders to slowly become one

Finally from Jennifer D’Souza (@DsouzaJennifer), Social Media influencer we learnt this: Make sure to build your credibility, reaching out to those who are influencers in their own right. For her, it’s not just how many people you are connected with but the quality of your interactions that counts. Engaging and talking to influencers and thought leaders gives your account more visibility and credibility, and gets you1 more follower and then another!

Jennifer D’ Souza (@DsouzaJennifer): Social Media influencer
Jennifer D’ Souza (@DsouzaJennifer): Social Media influencer

There you have it: all that goes into getting not just a new visitor on your page but a new connection… A big thank you to everyone mentioned above for their insightful inputs to this article!

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