Your LinkedIn Profile: 5 small changes, 1 big difference!


Just like most of us aspire to work with a well-known brand, organizations, too, look for individuals who, besides meeting the requirements of the role, have an impeccable image within their professional network.linkedin_final

LinkedIn, with over 300 million users worldwide and counting, is a crucial reference point during the hiring process either before the interview or right up front while shortlisting your resume. It’s your 24/7 statement to anyone who wants to know about your career. When someone Google searches your name, your LinkedIn Profile shows up at the top of the results, making it the most likely resource for more information about you. Not showing up at all? That’s an even bigger problem, as the recruiter may just move on to another candidate.

Even world leaders like Barack Obama and Narendra Modi have their complete LinkedIn Profiles up and running. Reason enough for you to fine tune your LinkedIn Profile with these 5 tips to a stellar LinkedIn Profile!

  1. Don’t duplicate your resume: Your LinkedIn Profile picks up from where your resume ends. It doesn’t help if your profile is simply a copy of your resume; recruiters would already have your resume. Keep the facts consistent with your resume but make sure you include additional insights about yourself that bring your personality alive. When recruiters visit you on LinkedIn, they expect to learn something new about you.
  2. Focus on your photo: Your profile is more likely to be viewed if it has a recent photo in a professional context. It’s highly recommended to upload a tightly cropped headshot that clearly shows your face. Invest in a studio shot, and stay away from holiday selfies!
  3. Title for success: A compelling title not only pitches your profile for the kind of roles you would be interested but is the single most important factor when it comes to showing up in search results on LinkedIn. Think like a recruiter to get the title right.
  4. Summarise who you are: Use the space for a professional Summary to your advantage by creatively describing who you are and what you stand for. It’s a complete no-no to leave the summary blank or limit it to a few bland sentences. Think this one through carefully to highlight achievements you don’t want anyone to miss, preferably adding in your personal touch.
  5. Get the URL right: A customized URL that incudes your name makes it easier for others to find you by searching for your name. If your ideal URL is already taken, the next preferred option is a combination of your initials and last name. Whatever the variant you are planning, remember LinkedIn is your professional address

Put your best face forward on LinkedIn and make sure you never go unnoticed!
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