Your wish for success in 2015


Happy New Year… As an annual ritual, we make and break resolutions and resolve to be more successful than last year.


Success as defined by eminent wellness expert Deepak Chopra means continuous expansion of happiness and progressive realization of worthy goals. For some, success conjures up the image of having better living standards, getting a promotion or even an increment. However for some, success may mean enjoying life to the fullest and being able to live the simple, unencumbered life.

Putting myriad interpretations aside, the fact is, we all want to feel like a winner and to feel that we are successful.

When playing the game of life, you must first know the rules of the game.

The 5 rules of success

• Being successful involves developing the right approach and embracing the right mental framework. It entails figuring out how to use the rules to your advantage. Often, the winning strategy involves positioning yourself to win by focusing on self.

• Knowing yourself and demonstrating self-control & maturity is a winning mindset. In the realm of the world of successful people, maturity has nothing to do with age, education, or even experiences in life. Carry an injustice without feeling the need for revenge or think about the repercussions and consequences of your actions or inactions to know maturity.

• You still have to get out there and execute and many of us falter at that step. From what I have seen in terms of executing or implementing, people typically fall into three categories: (1) those who cannot be moved irrespective of what may come up, (2) those who can be moved, and (3) those who do indeed move and do things.

• Winning is playing it right — playing it in such a way that your life is peaceful, comfortable, happy, enjoyable, positive, rewarding, and fun is a key ingredient in winning. The happiest times in our lives are times when we are thinking the most motivating, and productive thoughts.

• And to truly win, remember in this game called life, no one can really be termed successful and a winner; all we can do is play it and play it well.

Here’s hoping that each one of you emerges successful this year in whatever goals and resolutions you choose to make.

Anand Kumar Padmanaban is a certified manager(CM) from ICPM and is a senior professional with over 20 years of experience in High Technology and related Professional Services businesses. He is currently Consultant Vice President (India Operations) For PowerOne, an innovation driving smart metering services company where his primary focus is on driving growth and performance improvement through business, value and developing sustained innovation capability.

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