5 Easy Tips to Make Your Resume Recruiters’ Favorite!

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Every candidate wants to put their best foot forward to get recruiters’ attention. However, when we think of the recruiter’s side of the story, it’s more than what meets the eye! It takes lot of effort to cull out that one resume that fits their requirements perfectly after screening hundreds.

A thoughtfully made resume (not like this one) could not only enhances one’s personality on paper, but is also a chance to make a great first impression. So, here is what you can do to stand out and make a mark.


New Grad


1. Presentation and layout: The presentation of the resume matters almost as much as the content. Remember to keep the layout and the content simple and understandable. It’s important to keep your language simple. An essay in a flowery language will not help. Use a suitable font and ensure that use the color black for the alphabets.

2. Career objective: The career objective should be extremely crisp and clear. You should ensure that it does not make you come across as a confused individual to the recruiter. Also, try to use the best possible keywords related to your profile.

3. Organisation and timeline: One should always put all the details regarding their experience in various jobs in a reverse chronological order wherein your most recent job comes right on top.
Please remember that recruiters are keen to know about your current occupation more than anything else. Your entire experience and growth is essential, but it can be placed after you have explained your current job profile.

4. Skill sets and keywords: Make sure to always highlight your key skills, knowledge and expertise related to your current occupation. For instance, if you are a software engineer, then always use keywords to specify your expertise as software engineering is a vast field. Using the right keywords will connect the right candidate with the recruiters.

5. Be concise by making clear subheads: To make sure that your resume stands out, you must mention the domain/vertical/industry expertise based on your experience and skill set in subheads. This makes it easy for the recruiter to see your strengths in just a glance.

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  1. Hi,
    Really nice tips, I want to add one point in this post…Now a days, recruiter search your resume online. This will mean you will be posting your resume on job sites, or uploading it directly to a potential employer

  2. Great insights! All the tips are relevant and to the point. It will be very useful to all applicants. With these suggestions, job seekers have a good chance to make their resume recruiters

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