4 ways to upgrade your career in 2018

4 ways to upgrade your career in 2018


New year resolutions are the best examples of the phenomena of ‘failure to follow up’. Every year ends with millions of people resolving to change their lives for the better with barely a fraction sticking to their word. If your new year resolution involved a career decision, stick around to find how you can move up the ladder in 2018.

Check your potential

When you wake up every morning do you feel like you’re marching to accomplish something or is it a struggle to get yourself out of bed? If you just picked the latter it means there’s a gap between what you can give and what is being utilised. You are making full use of your potential when you know that every day adds a tiny bit of value either to your life and progress or to someone else. If your current job doesn’t motivate you, you can speak to your boss to figure out ways to better use your capabilities. If that isn’t yielding results, search for a more engaging work profile.

Evaluate your current and future role

For any career-aspiring candidate, the thrill of going from one level of challenge to the next is an unbeatable experience. Additional responsibilities may require new skill sets. A wise new year resolution would be to acquaint yourself with a new skill that can take you up the rung. You’ve hit a dead end if there’s no upper level to work towards. For example, if you love managing projects, get yourself professionally certified with a degree such as PMP Certification. Data explosion has invented a new field with very limited resources. For a computer science professional, big data courses will put you in a higher position. Invest in a good course such as this Big Data Hadoop and Spark developer certification.

Explore new avenues

There’s no rule that says you have to stick to your current position or industry. Talent can let you cross not just companies and sectors but even countries. If job change is on your mind, don’t restrict yourself to the field you’re currently working in. Look up related or even totally unknown areas where you feel you can contribute to the company and also enhance your portfolio. You might be worried that your resume may be rejected if you jump sectors but there are plenty of companies open to interviewing smart candidates regardless of their previous experience. Convert your CV into a document that highlights the skills you bring to the table that will benefit the company. Here’s a detailed article on how to land a job with your resume.

Invest in your wellness

If you’re always running from pillar to post, eating food during travel and catching naps on the train, it won’t be long before your medical bills start piling up. Sure, you might feel invincible in your 20s but the effects only show up later when it’s too late to rectify. Making physical and mental wellbeing must be a priority every day right from the food you eat to the way you sit to how much of sleep you get. Keeping yourself healthy is also needed to reduce doctor visits and have a more productive work and personal life.

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