2018 will be the year of data science

data science

Every time you connect to the world wide web, you leave a trace of you behind. Accumulate such valuable data, combined with real-life information too, and you get today’s hot market word – data science.

It’s simple – make sense of the trove of information. Not too long ago, the Harvard Business Review called this job – data scientist – as the sexiest job of the 21st century. That’s a tall claim considering the century hasn’t even touched the quarter mark yet. But it gives you an insight into its relevance.

Data science is needed everywhere today – advertising and marketing, logistics, search and recommendations, banking, finance, etc.

What will you be doing as a data scientist? Numbers and graphs need to be your best friend before you jump into the pool. If you can’t swim through the tide of information, you’ll surely drown and we don’t want that. To get your career in the fast lane, HeadHonchos is offering a full-scale data scientist course which will prepare you for real world challenges. In the course duration, you will learn the tricks for R, Python, SAS, data mining and statistics. Learn everything you need to deconstruct raw data right from hypothesis testing to regressing to Hadoop and Kafka interfaces.

From April 2016 to April 2017, the number of data science jobs in India doubled but the resources stayed scarce. Companies are hunting to fill positions. Here are some jobs that might interest you.

Since data science is an emerging area, most colleges are ill-equipped to teach it to students. It falls upon you to upskill yourself if you want to end up in a higher salary bracket and also land a coveted and in-demand role.

Your day-to-day work will involve coming up with meaningful insights into data that the company collects and how to use them for better targetting or improving business or sales. The company should be able to act on patterns that you draw. At times, they may even risk their neck on your word. You have to dig through the mess and come up with the diamond.

A background in statistics or computer science will be an added advantage since algorithms and testing will be your regular routine. If you’ve ever assumed data analyst and data engineer to be the same as a data scientist, you won’t be the first one to do so. A data analyst need not be a computer programmer while a data engineer is more of an architect.

Data scientists are a hot necessity among startups who are willing to pay average salaries of Rs 10.8 lakhs. If you’re well versed in more skills such as big data, and other statistical and programming languages, you can earn 25% more as well per skill.

As a data scientist, no field is restricted to you. Make a compelling case for companies to find and want you to join them. And then you can say ‘I’m sexy and I know it!’

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