December 2013: What’s on your ‘best of 2013’ list?


The best of 2013 lists are out: news & events, influencers, movies, tweets, best-selling gadgets…

Each one of us has a ‘best of’ list for our career too. Christmas and new year 2014 greeting by HeadHonchos

A career replay about the ‘best moments of 2013’ is the finest gift you can give yourself.

What was the best of your career in 2013?

The big moments that played out in the year define what you stand for. They help you stand out as employers chase exceptional talent.

Were some of these true for you?

– It was a year when, despite the economy, you broke a record.
– You handled a taskforce that took on a serious challenge.
– You kept the team motivated & morale sky-high.
– The year was about 24/7 workdays and a pressure project.
– Things went wrong but you turned them around with real strength.
– You invested in learning and put what you learnt to good use.

What do you bring to the competitive market for talent? The answer lies in your career replay of achievements & wins, risks that paid off, awesome learning and recovery moments when you fought back… Re-visit them and put them out there.

To the best moments in your career in 2013.

May 2014 bring many more.

Uday Sodhi

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