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  It is true that something conspicuous always catches the eye of the beholder. We walk in the crowd   surrounded by on-going bustle of the city; we see what we want to see yet with different   perception. In professional domain one can never sit in the cave and acclaim to be a desirable one   for an opportunity. That’s where the question arises- Am i visible enough to be called as a brand? Am i participating virtually enough? Or, am i marketing myself in the right manner?

Brand-Impressions-Brand-ManagementThe hottest trend in the market right now is to create your own space somewhere, just like a brand. Indeed, it all starts with personal branding which is nothing but a self-discovery and self-indulgence. According to social media experts, it is very important to build yourself as a brand. Employers and candidates are highly co-related to each other, like peas in a pod. So, if they are not finding each other at the right time – that’s a call for SOS.

Let’s focus on a few areas which can help you form into some admirable brand –

1. Knowing yourself inside out – personal branding lets you understand your basic characteristics, personality traits and attributes. Before you lash out with specifications it is important to have a thorough understanding of your domain, interest areas, passion, strength, weaknesses and goals. It works like an internal scanner of what you believe in and want to portray to others. Be smart enough to reflect your accomplishments in relation to your personal and work front till date.

2. Setting your target – time to set your target audience, viewers, followers and future clients. Once you are clear with your personal branding essentials it is important to build your network through right virtual platform. These platforms further can be understood in the form social media platforms

3. Exploiting social media platforms – in this virtual space there are a number of platforms available for relationship building. Foremost method is to endorse yourself on LinkedIn– this can be considered as a replica of your resume but with a focus on making relationship with future possible network. After all, it is highly important to know the difference between your Resume and LinkedIn profile.

Blogging is another medium to outreach your viewers and followers with right amount of information and ideas. Keep in mind that on social media the quality of content and right usage of keywords defines the foundation of you as a brand. Likewise, other mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Guest Forums – allow you to maintain the flow of desirable amount of information each comprising of different nature.

4. Stay alive – right communication and networking is an ultimate tonic to form a sustainable brand. You need to keep nurturing your network more and more with right frequency of updates, sharing and variation. Perceive it as a massive reach of your only brand in completion with a lot many others in the crowd.In the midst of focusing on what should be done, make sure you implement them in the rightest of manner –

  • You need to understand there’s a fine difference between personal branding & business branding, yet they both portray the vision and mission in the end.
  • It is all about being rational enough to self-execute with right tone, right pitch and right keywords on social media sites. Bragging about oneself will drop the end purpose.
  • Everything goes smooth with being truthful to what you express. Sincerity in branding can lead you to great heights.
  • Always remember that your ultimate aim is to be a good resource in the market. Be a likable brand throughout so that you end up becoming an asset to others.

All in all, going by the progress in personal and professional space, rising like a brand is itself a story reflection of you. In the end, a brand can never grow without an acceptance of right feedback and change. So, break the void and outshine like a brand.

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Rahul Malhotra
Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO at HeadHonchos.
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