The ‘Nxt’ Things for TV

Small screen, big ideas at JW Marriott, Mumbai, September 29-30, 2011

Rapidly changing viewer sensibility and swiftly developing technology present an ongoing challenge to all stakeholders in what is arguably, India’s most powerful medium – televison. The afaqs TV.NXT event held at JW Marriott on September 29-30, 2011, brought together renowned international and Indian speakers to talk about various facets of the television industry from content, broadcasting and distribution.

The consensus: India being the world’s second largest TV market, every detail about the audience, be it their likes and dislikes or the quality of content, is measured – often in minute detail. These statistics, however, are not what drives the industry. Read on for what really impacts where TV is headed next.

HeadHonchos was the Speaker Lounge Sponsor at the event and caught the action first hand.

“Our audience has the power to shape what they want to view and when they want to view. They are no longer at the mercy of big broadcasters.”

Richard Fernandes, Executive Director, Turner Broadcasting System, Asia-Pacific, highlighted the interconnectivity of multiple platforms, and spoke on how this can be used to ensure audience engagement.

“The ultimate truth is that price is determined not by value but by the demand supply equation.”

Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison World, focused on airtime being overpriced in India and also highlighted the increasing difficulty in making an impact on the consumer’s mind.


“Be true to why you are telling a story.”

The importance of compelling content was brought out by Phu Truong, Vice President, Commercial & Operations, BBC Worldwide.

‘Why content firms can’t seem to scale up?’

A panel anchored by Vanita Kohli-Khandekar, Business Standard looked at challenges faced by content firms. A second panel discussion, also anchored by Kohli-Khandekar addressed issues around the purchasing power of customers.

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