The Great Hiring Debate


Strong business results despite a backdrop of recessionary trends, CTCs rise in contrast to news of down-sizing, an uncertain industrial outlook but also buoyant demand that shows no signs of a slowdown…

Looking at recent headlines, you’d be justified in wondering which way your career and your job search headed. How much weight should you give news reports when it comes to finding your new job – especially when they can seem confusing and even downright conflicting? How does one reconcile stories about folk waiting it out for months to get the right job, while a friend sits on 3 lucrative offers?

There is more to the world of hiring than macroeconomic trends or the fluctuating fortunes of countries, industries & business corporations.  In fact, at an individual level, the interplay of many factors determine the success of a candidate. Here’s why there’s more to hiring and placement than the economic scenario.

One Job is Enough

Statistics and economic aggregates that make business headlines are not always good indicators of individual success. Your job search is not about the millions of jobs in India, but about that one job that enables you to move ahead in your chosen direction. Ultimately, you need a single career breakthrough and, on the other side of the table, there is a real talent crunch. There will always be more than enough jobs in search of high-quality talent. The key is your employability: track record, credentials, domain knowledge and specialist skills.

Hiring Never Stops

At any point in time, professionals are switching jobs and moving to new roles for a variety of personal & professional reasons: bigger challenges, personal relationships, entrepreneurial aspirations, or just an offer that one can’t refuse. Attrition at mid-management and senior levels varies from 5-10 percent and it drives a natural cycle of replacement hiring. Typically, ‘new job creation’, linked to expansion plans and large green-field projects, comes under the scanner in tough times, but routine hiring continues.

Micro-trends are Here to Stay

 A single trend – up, down, or even – no longer holds true for the entire market or even a sector. As the market becomes more developed & sophisticated, broad trends become less meaningful. It’s important to question not just whether a sector is hiring, but to study its outlook a few years down the line and to adapt to specific industry requirements. Skill sets that are in demand define their own market.

Account for the Long Tail of Opportunity

 The employment market in India is a fragmented one, driven by thousands of recruitment consultants, working on client mandates across the country, making it tough to assess the size of the job market. A large number of MSMEs also account for significant hiring activity, but do not find their way into official estimates on employment. The corporatisation of sectors such as education or welfare, or employment in sunrise sectors also lead to new opportunities and rewarding careers. All these are not fully reflected in official numbers, so factor in the long tail of opportunity.

Finally, it’s a Good Time to Hire

Whether an HR team is building a talent base as a source of competitive advantage or going for tactical project-led hiring, a slow market is the best time to hire exceptional talent. Some organisations look at hiring talent at highly negotiated CTCs, others use growth prospects and higher remuneration to tempt exceptional managers to faster-growing businesses.

Growth and slowed down cycles are inevitable and each one of us can expect to see some during a career lifecycle. However, the hiring scenario and the economic outlook are not synonymous. At the end of the day, personal employability is the key trend that drives your career, determines the offers you get and the compensation you command. It’s your personal ROI that drives your market!

Sandeep Vadnere
Sandeep is the Co-Founder and heads Engineering and Product at HeadHonchos.
He has been a member of the core team since the company’s inception. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai and a Postgraduate Diploma in General Management from XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I started my career in a bank as a clerk and worked for 3 years and got the promotion to Junior Management Cadre, after working for 13 years in the cadre
    I have been promoted to Middle Management Cadre and after working for another 13 years I was promoted Senior Management cadre. After working for 34 years the knowledge which I received that the people who will work will always work in the organisation for the growth and the people who want to spend the life with enjoyment they are being placed in a comfortable places. In all the people who work for the organisation will get frustrated due to non receipt of the promotion in time and playing of politics in the organisation will have a vital role in badly affecting the people who are honest and sincere. The people who are enjoying in the organization will be shameful to see the people who are working for the growth of the organisattion. Henece the experience ,hard working nature and the knowledge will always help the candidate to select any job to face the challenges in the career and in the life. The leadres will born and they will always lead the organisation in which they are working for the best results. One should always think positivey, do the things positively and speak about things positively then every organisation in which such people are working will get positive results.The commitment towards the work now a days is very negligible item to be taken care off. The payment is not the important but it is the motivational support which will increase the potential of the candidate for the success of the organisation.
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      We thoroughly agree with the ethic of striving in complete dedication towards the growth of one

  2. Ya….it is same same like chosing one girl for marriage after that u don’t have to worry about all fuss.
    In my entire carrier i found that skilled and unskilled people are in shortage not jobs..

  3. Dear Writer,

    The above topic was really interesting & kept be absorbed till the end( tho Iam not a patient reader).

    I agree with the above contest,and definetly feel motivated after going through.

    It definetly applied to a person like me who is looking for that ‘personal employabilty’


    Sujoy Biswas

    1. @Sujoy Biswas

      Appreciate your feedback. Looking forward to your participation in the future as well.

  4. Nice reading the article. Yes good talent whether skilled or unskilled is in short supply and truely some of the talented people may be waiting for a job whereas not so deserving may land multiple job openings, but keeping sainity in such times is the key to personal peace and ability to strive a little bit harder.

    shrikant sharma

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