The Big S-Word:
How Senior Executives Deal With Stress


There is no question that stress can creep up at any time in your life. No matter what stage of success you have reached, there are no biases when it comes to falling victim to the Big S word. What you can control is how you deal with it as you season through the corporate world. Here are a few tips that will help you tackle stressbigstock-Stress-and-related-words-in-w-34699505-654x1024

1. Know Yourself
The better you know yourself, the quicker you will understand what triggers stress for you. If running late or juggling too much at one time is your chaos, simply identifying this and calling it out will enable you to tackle it, or better yet, avoid it together. The way to begin this process is to observe and monitor your days and weeks and note down specific times you get worked up and the causes of it.

2. Planning is Key
Once you understand and recognize the causes of daily stress, create an alternate plan of action. For example, if not working out or taking time off for a break are your triggers, plan a 30 minute power workout 3x’s a week or a once a month weekend getaway to ensure you create alternate outlets of stress release which alleviate your stress but also replenish your spirit.

3. Find a Balance
The best way to keep stress at bay is to maintain a manageable schedule by creating a healthy balance within your lifestyle. This includes simple and small attention to daily details such as hard stops for meetings, avoiding late hours at the office, bringing work home and over-flooding your day. Set up your day so it’s a combination of planning & strategic activity, meetings, creative and tactical work so that it doesn’t become lopsided or mundane. And don’t forget to create overall balance by enjoying time with friends, taking laughter breaks and introducing micro-adventure into your life.

4. Understand Your Emotions
Most of what we do is driven by how it makes us feel. As human beings, we naturally gravitate towards pleasure and look to avoid pain. So it’s important to ask yourself, do I spend my day doing what I really enjoy? If not, how can I introduce more of what I desire? Gain a deeper understanding of what creates that spark within you and how that excitement can be maximized throughout the day.

5. Be Active
This is not only about physical fitness but also mental agility, creative empowerment and moving with the flow. Accepting situations and circumstances no matter what the outcome may be, signifies you are living your journey and not in a hurry to reach a particular destination.

Avoiding stress is an active process, not a passive one. Letting go, surrendering and having innate faith that things are exactly the way they are meant to be creates a peaceful mindset which leads to more contentment, joy and authentic happiness. And that leaves absolutely no room for stress to creep into your life.

– Bina Jhaveri

Bina Jhaveri has over 20 years of global professional experience, as reputed business consultant, an intuitive strategist, executive and spirit coach. She works with professionals from several corporates, forging unique partnerships, helping them attain and exceed their goals whilst generating path-breaking results within their lives. Bina is also a writer by passion, who writes for several lifestyle magazines & blogs.

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