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iStock_000019632767XXLarge-220x162Ten seconds. That’s the time a recruiting manager could take to scan your resume. Your lifetime of work. Your big brand B-school degrees. Your knowledge and expertise. All in ten seconds.

In a recent study*, examiners looked at the specific behavior of recruitment consultants. They extensively studied job posting, resume reading and shortlisting trends as they interviewed participants over a 6-month period.

The study discovered that a candidate gets an impossibly little window of time to create a positive impression. It showed that recruiting managers generally did not spend more than ten seconds in glancing through a resume. According to the experts, a few other factors distinguish between a normal and smartly-presented resume:

– Spelling and grammar mistakes cause the maximum number of resumes to get dumped.

– One of three candidates gets rejected due to inappropriate information about them online.

– Lengthy resumes never work.

– 88% job candidacies are rejected upfront if the candidate has a photo of himself/herself on the resume!

Many people don’t like writing a resume and get intimidated while contemplating where to start or what to include. For them, finding the right words to highlight their professional advantages is a dreaded task. They depend on their family members or friends to either enhance their resume or to all together write it from scratch.

Think of your CV or resume as your sales brochure, without the effects of charts, images or tables. Now think – how good are you at writing a sales brochure?

A few pointers that can help in writing a great resume:

Highlight your qualities, but don’t overdo it. Employers are not likely to remember anything if your resume focuses on too many skills. It’s difficult to visualize the expertise of a person who has presented himself as a marketer, quality analyst and financial expert all in one. What is it that defines you? Pick the most relevant qualities and highlight those throughout your resume.

Remember, one size doesn’t fit all. George Bernard Shaw once said that the only man he knew who behaved sensibly was his tailor who always took his measurements anew each time, and did not expect him to fit into his old ones. When it comes to your resume, a custom-fit based on who you are today works best. The resume you created a few years ago is a disaster waiting to happen when you apply for a job today. To put up your career story, trust only that resume writer who does not follow a copy and paste approach, but treats every candidate as unique as he or she really is.

Use your resume to get you an interview, not the job. Use the resume to stand-out during the selection, generate the interest of the recruiter and get through to an interview. You don’t need to pen down every minute detail of each job responsibility that you handle. In fact, it’s crucial to know what you should leave out rather than what you should put in. You can talk about your profile in length during the personal meeting with the employer.

In the end, it all comes to the fact that to make an instant impact, you need to smartly reveal your unique values throughout your resume – an expert resume writer might be able to help! Get yourself a new Executive Resume, click here>>

* The study was conducted by The Undercover Recruiter

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