Would Elon Musk Hire You?

Elon musk hire

Elon Musk


Engineers interested in working on autonomous driving, pls email autopilot@teslamotors.com. Team will report directly to me.

Elon musk’s techniques to hire his personnel have been all over social media. Does he really hire the ex-workers of Apple? Is apple really tesla’s graveyard, where those fired from Tesla seek solace?

The synonym of success, the CEO of Tesla and the founder of commercial space travelling, all organizations that Musk affiliates to become the dream destination of many of job seekers. Why would it not, considering the CEO himself, the apparent pinnacle of success, includes himself in the hiring process.

Since through most of our interview preparation mocks, we make sure that our candidates are prepared for the toughest of all interviews, we collated a few deciding factors that would help us determine how our candidates could be prepped up to get hired by the man himself. Here is how the process would go.

  1.    He introduces you nicely to the ‘No Asshole’ policy

There is nothing that matters to him more than perfection and a good company culture- according to him, the only thing that comes before a perfect workplace is the workforce that makes it up. He makes it incredibly clear- anyone who spreads any kind of misery, negativity or nihilism amongst the workforce, is simply shown the door. There is no regret in him when he removes such people from the organization- it’s one good man lost. But the other 50 now work in peace.

  1.    He asks you about the biggest problem you faced- and checks if you actually did go through it

He wants to see your problem solving skills- so he asks you of the biggest problem that you may have faced in your life. It seems good so far- but soon, he delves deep into the intricacies of the problem. How were you feeling? What was the first solution you thought of?

“If someone was really the person who solved it,” he says, “they’ll be able to answer on multiple levels. They’ll be able to get down to the brass tacks. And, if they weren’t, they’ll get stuck. And then you can say, ‘Oh, this person was not really the person who solved it.’ Because anyone who struggled hard with a problem never forgets it.” So yes, pulling something from thin air is not a good idea.

You need to go into the details of the problem, the different kinds of solutions you adopted, and the most optimal solution that you settled with in the end and why.

  1.    Degree? What degree?

Regardless of how perfect he wants his employees to be (and regardless of how perfect he is with his Stanford education and 5 degrees), Elon musk actually does not care at all about degrees. For him, his employees should be positive, solution seeking, quick thinkers who know how to get things done, and get them done yesterday. A piece of paper and your great stories about how you fared so well in your tests that you did the generations passed and generations to come proud does not interest him- a real life incident that shows your problem solving skills, though, catches his attention.

  1.    He doesn’t want a good yogurt maker. He wants the employee of the month of Pinkberry

To really stand out- you need to be the best. You will be competing with the best, because his entire hiring team will be spending a good amount of time finding the people that have

outperformed previously. People who were too good for their companies, people who have achieved rapid promotions, have proved themselves to be all-rounders, will be competing with you when you apply.

SpaceX was a 5000 employee company, but Musk made sure that he conducted every interview himself until recently. He has started an unending cycle, which is self-sufficient – he gets the best people to apply for the best company in the market, made by the best people.

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