3 surprises hidden inside your resume


Check the Resume TagCloud to discover what you don’t know about your own resume.

There is nothing more satisfying than to wrap up the final draft of your resume. You take the pain to draft it just right and safely presume that it conveys to the recruiter exactly what you want it to. But you could be in for a surprise when you read your resume, the way a recruiter does.tag-cloud1-220x162

It’s common knowledge that recruiters use the skim-&-scan method to go through the piles of resumes sitting pretty on their desks. So, unless your expertise literally jumps out of your resume, it could fall short of presenting your achievements the way you want it to.

The Resume TagCloud, a free-to-use resume scanning tool, shows you exactly how your resume will look to potential recruiters and gives you an insight into… well, your own resume.

3 surprises that your Resume could throw at you

  • Something’s missing from your resume…
    You assumed that your forte was coming out clearly, but the Resume TagCloud holds up a mirror to your career. Are the highlighted words on the Resume TagCloud showing up the skills and expertise that you have built painstakingly over the years? If not, your expertise is & specialisation are not standing out the way you want them to.
  • You are known for what you don’t know!
    Surprise entries have a way of showing up on a Resume TagCloud. You mentioned your interest in Social Media Marketing without the expertise to match? Or came across as an analytics whiz – which you are not? The Resume TagCloud will let you know about the anomaly in a matter of seconds, alerting you to a possible career blooper.
  • The generalist in you is overshadowing the specialist.
    Are you good at just about everything? Neah! The TagCloud helps you by keeping your resume specific to the kind of jobs you are looking for. A resume that shows that you are a jack of all trades doesn’t sit well with recruiters. Keep your resume in line with the jobs you want to get, is our advice!

A step is all it takes

Just log on and upload your resume on the Resume TagCloud tool. Within a few seconds, your profile appears in front of you in the form of highlighted words which point to your expertise. If you are happy with the way it reads, go ahead and send it out. But if you aren’t convinced, make changes to your resume.

Scan again and again till you’ve perfected that critical document!

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