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PsychometricHow psychometric insights can help you understand and leverage your profile

The better you know your strengths, the greater are the chances of success in your career.

That’s the reason why psychometric assessments (also known as psychometric tests or profiling) are fast emerging as the latest resource for effective career planning. Designed to deliver real insights on a person’s work-style and aptitude, these powerful tools help you validate your career decisions when you are:

  • Evaluating an interesting career opportunity (and wondering if you are making the right decision)
  • Asking yourself if the job you are applying to will do justice to your profile
  • Looking for greater recognition at work and keen to know what the possible roadblocks are
  • Understanding your professional growth agenda and charting out your development plan

Personal profiling tools work by helping you understand your core strengths and developmental areas, so you leverage your strongest points in your job search and in your career. Traditionally used by HR teams to make better hiring decisions, they are now an essential part of every professional’s career toolkit.

Why should you be interested?

  • Pitch your profile perfectly: The scores in a psychometric assessment can help perfect your pitch during the job hunt process. Whether you are working on your resume or heading for an interview, you have a clear sense of your strengths and know where to focus your energies. You are able to confidently harness your competencies, especially during interviews. Atul Das, a management consultant with a market research company has already reaped the benefits. He says, “After undertaking online profiling, I attached the report with my resume as it showed that I had all the traits to make a success of a job in a high-pressure, high-stakes environment. It created a great first impression and even more importantly helped me in scoring over other candidates during the interview.”
  • Explore career avenues: Use these tools to open new avenues and enter new career paths. Sandip Agarwal, a manager with a leading bank says, “While searching for a new opportunity, I decided to take a psychometric assessment and was pleasantly surprised to find that although working in the customer service profile for the last 7 years, I was more inclined towards a sales role. This made me re-think my next job profile and position myself differently.” On the other hand, Gauri Sachdeva, a senior professional with a travel advisory firm, shares how taking such an assessment helped her in steering away from a role which might not have been up her street. Gauri says, “I was offered a consultant position with a leading management consulting firm and was tempted to take up the opportunity. However, through psychometric profiling I understood that my aptitude lies in networking and communicating with people, rather than doing a desk job or being in a research profile.”
  • Know yourself…: Identifying your strengths and developmental areas can help overcome roadblocks in your career and set up the next goals for your growth. When you understand how you score on parameters like problem-solving, spatial awareness and interpersonal skills, you can troubleshoot your own career, identifying what could be holding you back in your job. It can take just 10-20 minutes to do an assessment based on the profiling tool that you go for, but a detailed report helps you to work out the next steps in your career. Rupa Joseph, an HR manager with a leading IT company says, “After doing a psychometric assessment, I realised that my assumptions about being a person with strong problem-solving abilities were not totally accurate. My score indicated that I needed to work towards enhancing this ability and I have recently started putting more emphasis on this particular aspect.”

Strengthening your job search and making informed career decisions come more easily when you have information about your most powerful asset – YOU! partners with leading companies such as Thomas International, SHL People Intelligence, Talent Q, Talent Metrix and Saville Consulting/Anahat to deliver personal profiling services to jobseekers. These assessments, trusted by top employers and recruitment firms, are available to individual candidates for the first time in India. Click here to know more.

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