Your Profile Check-Up is due!


As April comes up, the annual check-up of your online profile is due!

The start of a new year, when the achievements of the last year are fresh in your mind, is the perfect time to update and polish your profile.

What’s more, if you have been putting off that much-needed profile check-up, we’re suggesting ways to make it easy on Bring the year’s achievements and the latest in your career into your online profile with tips & shortcuts that can be used to your advantage.


 Answer 2 questions

Outdated information ranks as the big

gest pain point for recruitment consultants and hiring professionals. So when you keep online touch-points updated, it saves them a lot of time and effort cross-checking important facts about you. They believe you need to focus on just 2 questions:

• Are you in the same job – same employer, same designation as in your profile?

• Do you have the same coordinates – same mobile & living in the same city?

If nothing else, update these and they will find you.

Update employer & role »                                                        Check coordinates »

profile Be lazy

Pack your profile with all the information in your LinkedIn Profile using a shortcut. Now you can easily pull information from your LinkedIn Profile on to your profile. Within a matter of a few seconds, text from your LinkedIn profile will be transferred to HeadHonchos. Edit as you want and you are done. To import your LinkedIn Profile, click here»

profile Qualify to apply

You are short on time. But you just saw a job that you would not want to miss out on. Do you really need to complete your entire profile?

We’re going to screen job seekers – before the application reaches the employer. That’s just so that the focus stays on serious candidates. All you need to start applying is a few compulsory details and then your resume. Upload the latest version of you Resume and start applying. Upload the latest version of your Resume here»

With these shortcuts, it takes just 5 minutes to get your profile in place.

Not convinced and prefer to overhaul your profile? Ignore all the above and click right here>>


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