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Career Takeaways

Career TakeawaysEver wondered how to navigate a tricky career issue or how to get from where you are to where you want to be in your career?

In a HeadHonchos’ HangOut, titled ‘The Great Career Journey’, a first-of-its kind free event organised by on June 5, 2013, help was at hand for professionals looking for answers to their career queries. Our Executive Coaches, Sangeeta Singh & Shyam Malhotra, took on questions from over 130 professionals in a live chat session that covered issues including job search, handling a career impasse,and managing change, right down to building a good equation your boss.

In a two-part blog post, we share the top takeaways from our free-wheeling discussion, focussing on top-of -mind career issues for management professionals and how to tackle them.

Your question: “It’s been quite some time since I started looking for a new job. How do I make a breakthrough?”

While every stage in a career is significant, senior professionals seemed to be agreed that job search is one of the most challenging phases that one faces during one’s career, especially when one reaches what looks like a dead-end in one’s job search.

Our top takeaways…

On how to prepare yourself with the mindset to take on a job search…

The ups and downs of job searches are known to everyone and this (is a) reality one has to accept. But, do not lose hope. Believe in yourself and that you have the experience, you have the skills to be of value to the organisation. Do whatever it takes to stay with what you want and get what you really want.

On equipping yourself with right skills to crack an interview…

It is important to have a balanced approach while appearing for an interview, and not just focus on a particular area. Hiring a person is a not a singular approach, but they (sic) are hired for what they bring to the table, their knowledge and skills… Although, job search is an emotional process for the candidate, it is seen as a rational and objective procedure by the employer. It is thus, expected from the candidate to deal with the process in a similar manner. This is where the dis-connect happens and this leads to issues where candidates find it hard to crack an interview.

On when you don’t hear from recruitment consultants or employers even when you apply to many jobs…

Applying to many places is not the ideal solution – it is very important to analyse the job profile and the key requirements of the profile. Thereafter, you need to match it with your skills and experience, find out the suitability of the position and then apply for the job. If you randomly apply for too many jobs it may undermine your confidence level. In most cases, a person has only a few jobs that aptly fit the bill and should only apply for them rather than making a compromise.

Your question: “I am stagnating in my current role and feeling stressed out. What should be the way forward?”

We all want to know how to resolve issues that may be stalling our career mid-way. Professionals who joined the hangout put forward their queries on establishing career goals, taking the right career decisions and overcoming obstacles in the career path.

Our top takeaways…

On how to get ahead…

View (your) career as a combination of knowledge, experience and skills. It is very important to understand what you enjoy, what you really want to achieve and what it will take for you to want to come to office every day. You may move into a new job but these questions or circumstances could make it difficult to handle (it)… Therefore, even before taking a leap, it is important to understand your current situation and find an answer that can help you solve the issue at hand.

On dealing with stress…

Stress will impact your ability to work, to perform. It will also impact your relationships. There are lots of ways to deal with stress. You may medidate, join a gym, or take up a hobby, read or do whatever gives you some time to be with yourself, to de-stress you.

The ups-and-downs in the industry or economy are always going to happen, but that does not mean that you should get stressed out or burnt out every time the economy takes a dip.

On wanting to understand what is the next big step…

If you are multi-faceted, multi-talented and have a wide range of experience, it is time to do some self-analysis and understand what work do you enjoy the most, where you have the most achievements. Are you ready to take the next big step by heading a division in a larger organisation or being a CEO of a small firm? After years of experience, you are where a lot of people would like to be. You need to ask the question to yourself to understand what do you want to do? What do you enjoy? It may help being mentored by somebody, who is in a senior position. A coach may help you to find answers to the questions and to find the right direction for your career.

Watch out for our next post to for answers to more career questions – from how to work more effectively with your boss to the best way to make a successful career transition back to India.

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