December 2012: The most important Career Resolution. Yours.

It’s the time for career look backs, career predictions and career resolutions. But there is none as important as your career resolution for the year ahead. As you take a step back to think about what you will do differently in 2013, a few thoughts to take you ahead:

Keep a career perspective, not just a job perspective. When you go in to work and excel at your job every day, it’s easy to lose focus on your career. What can you do to make that all-important difference – not just at work but to your career?

Look for chances, not at economic growth rates. 2012 showed us there are pockets of opportunity in every market. Keep an ‘opportunity mindset’: a strong & clear understanding of your strengths or a personal SWOT that can help you identify and capitalise on new opportunities.

Challenge your limits – in terms of industry, geography, role… An interesting example is a candidate who regularly tracks jobs in her industry in different countries. She follows opportunities rather than targeting a specific country, as she believes that industry and the search for talent are global.

Revisit your up-skilling plan. Check how you did on your learning goals for 2012 and stay focused on widening your knowledge base, improving skills and adding new competencies & qualifications. The age of continuing education and continuous learning is here.

Fast forward to 2014. Look back on the year to see how your Resume has changed and what you would want to change in the year to come. A new designation, a different role or achievements in your current role? It’s time to start working on the bullet points you will add next year.

A very Happy New Year from all at Team HeadHonchos!


Uday Sodhi

Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos

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24 thoughts on “December 2012: The most important Career Resolution. Yours.

  1. I think it is time for me not to look for any more job to earn further.I am satisfied with what I have after my 36 years of career. Instead I must try to create jobs for the young generation, groom them to advance their career and part with whatever knowledge,skill and experience I have.

  2. My New Year Resolution is to work in USA or Australia or Europe in $100K+ job. To work in top technology that offers immediate benefits to customer and also rewards me very well.

  3. Dear Mr. Uday,

    Thanks for such a poignant message which should work for both awakening as well as inspiration purpose for career aspirants.

    One thing is clear that a professional has to keep working throughout her employment scan on all these beliefs and action areas to keep up with the much required but generally forgotten path of

    1. Thanks, Akhilesh, on behalf of Team HeadHonchos. We all wish you the best in your job and for your career!
      Cheers, Uday

  4. I am in the process of transition this year and one of the things I think about is my special set of unique skills as well as the strength and diversity of my experience. While I am presently searching specifically in the US, because of my immigration/resident status, I believe that my experience in several other geographies will stand me in good stead.

    Today, the ‘developed’ world is increasingly more sensitive to ‘developing world’ sensibilities. Transnational entities know that being ‘global’ must extend beyond just having a presence in locations around the world. It must extend to being global in their thinking. Corporations can no longer afford to be insular in how the operate.

    1. Thank you, Ranjana, for sharing your career plans with us. It is indeed true that corporations can no longer afford to be insular. The emergence of the global corporate and, even more, of the global professional is the way the business world is re-engineering itself .
      Cheers, Uday

  5. Excellent and thought provoking suggestions for professionals, there can not be better starting for new year 2013 than this. I will keep reading these points at-least once in a week and follow it up seriously.

  6. Dear Mr. Sodhi,

    Happy New Year!!

    My prime focus over last two year or so have been learning new skills to get a career goal. Keeping that in mind I had joined my present company where I am working now. But things did not work out well in this company. But now as I am trying to look out in the market, I am not getting any good opportunity.

    At this point I am really confused what is happening. Is there some problem with my candidature or the market is completely dull at this point.

    1. Dibendu: Job search at a senior level and finding the right opportunity can take time. The job market looks like improving in 2013, but it is important to broaden your search and continue to track opportunities. Do also review your Resume. Your focus on re-skilling is great and you should continue to look at how to upgrade your knowledge & skills. All the best for your search.
      Cheers, Uday

  7. Sir,
    It is excellent message. Actually one should actually work on the mission stated in new year message.
    Your message has reached all the facets of the business requirements and personal growth.

  8. A thought on “career perspective” is really an eye opener. It is so easy to get swept by “job” needs that we confuse job as career. Thanks for this insight.

  9. Dear Mr Sodhi,

    Thank you for expressing your viewpoint on Career Resolution for the year 2013. I totally agree that one should keep his/her eyes and ears wide open to look for opportunities for career growth. I also appreciate your advice on continuously upgrading and adding new skills to widen the horizon of attaining a different or a bigger role in the same or new organisation……
    I find your advise relevant and useful…..
    Thank you & very Happy New Year to you and HeadHonchos Family

    1. Thank you for your wishes and comments . I am glad that you found the the ideas shared here of use.
      Cheers, Uday

  10. Dear Uday sir,

    Thank you for the new year wishes. I wish you andyour dear ones a very happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful new year too. While I appreciate the five point program suggested for a better future and the fact that the message has a compelling impression to look back and make a course correction, I did jot down -to make a different 2013 -the Top Ten Bullets as my working agenda!



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