5 reasons why PMP certification is for you

PMP certification

Some things you learn in college, many you don’t. For everything else, today you have online courses. I bet no normal college degree taught you how to manage a project even though you had to endure several of them through your education years. This particular gap becomes an impediment in the corporate world where almost everything runs in the form of projects all through the year. It is then for you to hold an important globally recognised name called as the project management professional (PMP) certification. The final exam is offered by the renowned non-profit organisation Project Management Institute (PMI).

The exam is no easy task but it could be the single requirement that can get companies to pick you over others. Before you can sign up for the PMP examination, you need to prove that you have completed the necessary requirement of 35 hours of professional development units. An efficient PMP course package, such as the one offered by HeadHonchos, will prep you up to ensure you clear the exam on the first attempt. You get it all in one place – quality e-learning content, case studies, mock tests and of course the mandatory certification of completing minimum hours.

Here’s why holding the PMP certification could be the lift your career requires:

The edge

You’re the obvious choice for an employer if you have the PMP certification, over a person without it. Especially today, when robots are manning CVs for keywords, yours can jump the queue to the top if it finds PMP on it.

The opportunities

By 2020, there will be 15.7 million new project management roles created especially in the fields of manufacturing, IT, finance and construction. You can become a project manager irrespective of your qualifications. The world is your plate and you can pick a job in the remotest part of the globe.

The moolah

The certification from the top institute in the world will also get you higher salaries. In some cases, recruiters prefer this to a master’s degree simply because there’s proof that you have the experience and have walked through hot coal before getting it. In India, the certification gets you a median salary of Rs 17 lakh while without it you can manage about Rs 12 lakh.


Just as doctors get respect with the ‘Dr’, adding PMP to your resume or signature can command the person’s attention. Recruiters are rest assured when they pick a PMP certified candidate that s/he knows his job. With a 60% pass rate, you learn the ins and outs of managing a project including balancing time, budget, resources and quality.

Elite community

Once you register with the PMI, you get access to a large network of similar-thinking professionals. It is here you can get tips, mentors, trends and even knowledge of companies hiring.

Despite the challenges such as the registration and exam fee coupled with the intensive study and other requirements, it is your best shot at securing your future. The PMP certificate will provide you with the insurance even in times of financial distress in the market while also opening up the horizons for you to explore a variety of fields.

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