Why can’t you quit this job and what to do about it

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There is an email marked ‘Resignation Letter’ in your draft box but somehow your fingers can’t muster up the courage to hit the ‘send’ button. Sound like a familiar story? The decision to quit your job is never an easy one. People totter between weeks a months before burnout gets to some.

There are definitely many things to take into consideration before you clear out your office desk. We list down some of the most common concerns that haunt people’s decision to quit and what you can do about them.


Let’s face it, we are human. We get so comfortable in our jobs that the idea of repeating the entire job hunt process again is too tedious to our minds. You open some job links but you’re quickly distracted by your long to-do list. Besides, office isn’t the best place to be finding your next paycheque.

Convince yourself that the only way you are going to get out of the rut is if you take the first step. Put an alarm for the weekend where you only look up new job opportunities for one hour. Find out some reputed job sites that make your job hunt easy. For example, HeadHonchos allows you to search jobs based on skill, designation or even the domain where you work. Your work is made easy by a few levels.


If anyone says they aren’t worried about the money, they are lying. We’re all worried about having a constant source of income. We worry if the next job will pay as good or better while giving us engaging work. We worry about having to go months without a salary if we quit without a job in hand.

But think, for a second, of what you lose if you continue in a place that doesn’t excite or even interest you. Think of the place that could be your job, a place that might not pay you as well but gives your mind the satisfaction of having contributed. No one’s asking you to quit on the whim but if you’re working towards it, create a special account with a pool of reserve money, to last you in your tough times in case things go awry.


Sometimes, we’re stuck in a place not because we aren’t getting a new job but that we don’t even know what that looks like. You’re afraid of jumping into a new zone because you’ve never taken such a risk before. The deep dark ocean only frightens you while your toes refuse to touch the tip of the surface.

Here is an advice that we probably got frustrated of hearing from our parents – you’ll never know unless you try – and that’s the hard reality of it. You can’t sit in that (un)comfortable office chair and expect offers to land in your lap if you aren’t actively seeking them out. The universe only gives you back what you constantly ask. Read some job descriptions, apply in various places and see which one gets your attention.


You still wonder how you managed to scrape through the interview that allowed you to occupy the space you currently do and the thought of facing it again brings horror to your mind. Interviews are no fun but they aren’t a monster either.

Catch hold of a friend and have a demo interview session, with all seriousness. Suit up for the part, bring a real CV and get your friend to ask you some tough questions. Keep doing this over and over with a few trusted people till you’re confident enough of being the natural you in interviews.

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