Despite Your Promotion, You’re Actually Not Moving Forward


So you’re finally getting a promotion. You’re a notch higher in your official line of hierarchy. The sole idea of a promotion promises in its meaning monetary perks, praise, respect, and authority.

Months of working on a task that seemed impossible, investing yourself in projects that nobody else could handle-only to get what you deserve. Now, not only are you in charge of your own work, but also in charge of other people. However, sometimes, a promotion is not the answer to all your questions- the higher calling in life you deserve is maybe not linked to that raise you received.

One survey showed that about 44% of working professionals felt that their primary concern for taking up a job was career progression. At the same time, 79% of people felt that the job they were at did not show any signs of career progression in sight. Despite biennial recognition, why is it that so many people feel that the promotion is not the right step for your career to move forward?

  1.      You’re Not Ready for the Change

    You’re a diligent worker- you do all of your work with thorough dedication, make sure you meet your boss’ expectation and prove yourself your juniors’ favorite role model. However, sometimes, a change in job role is not everyone’s piece of cake. The reason could be anything- you could be just getting used to your present role, you could be enjoying your position, your team, or perhaps, even your location. A promotion isn’t going to be presented to you once in your entire course of working at that company- if you are that great a worker who deserved the promotion once, you will get it regardless of time of acceptance.

  1.     High Turnover Rate

    Companies sometimes, allot a higher position, just because all the people in that position previously could not handle the responsibility as diligently as required- this led to either termination or hand-overs.
    This in no way questions your ability to handle the role- your seniors have a company to run, and the reason they delegated that role to you was to see you do an exceptional job at a role that no one else could handle. However, there is no reason to not be cautious about the role and the requirements. Of course, you will want to do your best at your new role- for which, you need to have deep knowledge of the same.

  1.      You’re an Employee, Not Leader

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a good employee, rather than a good leader.Everyone needs a good leader to lead. People do want the right leader, but of course, even the most right leader can only predict the best steps to take- these, sometimes, may not be correct. To guide them and show them the rationality side is the job of the assistant- or the employee.
    It is not a bad thing to not be a leader- the world today has made the need to establish oneself so imperative, that everyone wants to make their mark as an innovator, or leader. They want to be remembered for something. But remember this; no Obama is complete without his Michelle or Biden. And perhaps, that’s where your calling is.

  1.      You’re Not in the Right Line of Work

    You may have started your job just because of a completely different reason. Of course, you may be brilliant at your job. However, you may be doing it just to make ends meet, or to stay busy while you study, or to get some kind of experience. While getting promoted may keep you busy for a longer time, it may result in specialization of a different field, or focus on progression rather than monetary increment- which is something that you were in it for in the first place. Falling even deeper into a hole that you were never intending to invest in in the first place, may make you reconsider the whole point of the promotion.

  1.       You Expected It

    It has been years since you expected this promotion- and it’s high time that you finally get it. If you, at any time, for any reason feel that you received your promotion just because nobody else was willing to take up the opportunity, or because you were the last choice that they had left, then you need to talk this out with your boss and maybe reconsider this fine ‘opportunity’ that you finally received.

Of course, a knee-jerk promotion may not be the most comfortable step for you to take- but comfort only lies in the changes that you are willing to accept. Don’t worry about not getting used to the change- it’ll only happen once you get used to your role. However, if you feel discomfort concerning the intentions and the timing of the promotion, you have all the reasons to look back and reconsider.

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