Tips and Tricks from People Who Excel in Fields That They Previously Had No Idea About

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The strongest point of the company is its workforce- of course. However, for all the companies that I’ve worked for, and the hiring that I have carried out in the past, I find that people with diverse experiences have more promising futures than those who follow a more robotic, or as they say, ‘safe’, career line.

This includes especially those who venture out of their comfort zone and experiment with varied fields. People in my company are computer majors who have turned into A-class recruiters, Doctors who head the marketing team, and engineering students who sell product.

While it is difficult to learn something completely different from what you are accustomed to, it is never a bad idea to follow your interests and to venture. When I realized my newfound interest in writing and designing, a wave of thoughts did take over my habitual complacency, but when I talked to these people I realized I had nothing to lose.

Here is what I learnt from people from absolutely different fields who excel in fields that they have had no idea about:

  1.       Knowledge Is Bought for Free and for Favours

If there’s one thing about content, then it is that the internet, and the world in real, too has no limits to what it can churn out for a person interested. Videos, podcasts, online libraries, blogs, forums, and online tutors and courses are available at either dirt cheap rates or for no cost at all. Don’t deem learning impossible even before you try- there is no lack of resources, only abundance of excuses. Step by step guides and eBooks are available for even those who start from level 0.

Apart from this, in real life, no one is asking you to fish out contacts to help you learn- but if you do turn out to have someone who is willing to teach you, then welcome them. Of course, treat this as a favour, and make sure you always convey your gratitude to them for having helped you out.

  1.       Dare to Dream and Imagine

I have had people comment/send in queries about how they can’t even imagine doing what their boss is doing. He knows HTML, Coding, Product, and god knows what all!

Well… you have your problem there, then don’t you?

If you don’t consider knowledge absolutely normal, how do you expect to achieve it? Put yourself in the fancy chair/ office/ holding that trophy, and then work hard for it.

  1.       Do It with Others- and Then Experiment!

It always helps if you have someone who learns it with you- or someone who has treaded the same path previously. Always, find a partner or someone who can provide you with motivation or help as you need it.

After, or whilst you’re undergoing your training, find new ways to experiment. Ask someone who is already in the field if you can carry out the task (under their guidance), or if you can just poke around (but not change anything) in their portal/ wherever they carry out their tasks.

  1.       There Is No Failure- Only Knowledge

Remove negativity from your mind- and think rationally. Do you actually believe that there is a possibility of you failing?

So you didn’t quite carry out the entire course, or maybe you realized that it wasn’t quite meant for you. What did you lose? Time? Don’t worry, that can be made up for. Learning doesn’t quite involve a lot of money if you spend some time to collate content for yourself and learn at your own time.

You only learn- even if you learn 20% of the entire deal, it is enough to either nag you (the good way) or to make you understand that this wasn’t meant for you. There is only value addition- you will always know more than what you did before.

  1.       Don’t Expect the Job to Train You- People Will

If you expect to apply for jobs/internships, then believe me, that it’s people, who you network with and ask questions and learn under, who will teach. A company is always looking for output, and usually people take up the role or are allotted one which they can do flawlessly. Ask, read, and stay involved. Subscribe to a few newsletters from the industry that you are interested in, and include yourselves in conversations with people who are well versed and knowledgeable. Once you learn how to walk, talk, and think that way, you will become the person you want to.

It is difficult, but it is not impossible. Remember, the biggest challenge is you, but the biggest change too, is you. And to bring that about successfully, you need to start dreaming, aspiring, and achieving.

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