Most Crazy Creative Resumes That Break The Tradition.

Most Crazy Creative Resumes That break The Tradition.

You must have come across multiple articles on the right way to craft your resume and how to get your resume noticed.
Well we got curious to find the most creative resumes, different from the usual standards.
Look what we found.Now here is a unique ways to get noticed by your desired employer.

Candy Bar Resume

Candy Bar Image

This sweet resume, from a marketing professional named Nicholas, hit the first page of Reddit after a friend posted it. According to the original poster, Nick got the job he was applying for.

Full-blown Amazon Page Resume

Philippe Dubost built a full-blown Amazon page for himself

Philippe Dubost page, went viral and racked up 1.5 million views over the course of his job search, and eventually got him 150 job offers and finally a job as a tech product manager at rapidly growing New York startup Birch box.

Interactive Game Resume

Animator and programmer Robby Leonardi built a spectacular interactive game.

Leonardi, who has had past jobs at AOL and Industry Next and now works at Fox News, built a side scrolling interactive resume reminiscent of games like Mario.A series of levels run through his skills, qualifications, and experience.


A resume to convey as much information as possible.

Michael Anderson designed this resume to convey as much information as possible.

Michael Anderson’s resume was born out of an epiphany .The resume is a creative and more colorful take on a standard display of data.
He had a few job offers, but he only really took one, as a graphic design chair at a small school in Pennsylvania, and shot portfolio photos for students from a few programs.


Resume Created Before Info-graphics Became Popular.

This resume was created before infographics became popular

Elliot Hasse didn’t know whether his creative resume would be well-received, or completely rejected by potential employers. He got a lot of immediate attention [from his resume] and it continued to spread across the Internet. Overall he got a lot of job offers and interest from employers.


Resume That Showcase Personality.

Craig Stapley wanted to showcase his personality.

Craig Stapley wanted to create a resume that was different,when asked about his inspiration. A resume can be so much more than a biographical ‘humdrum’ of skill-sets, education, and accomplishments.
Stapley’s resume landed him a job as creative director at iFit Fitness Technology, one of the world’s largest fitness companies


Wild West Wanted Poster Resume

Kelly Weihs created a resume made to look like a Wild West wanted poster.
Kelly Weihs’s resume stands out from the crowd thanks to its vintage, historical look. She applied to her current place of employment using this resume, and immediately saw results. “My current employer quite liked the resume,” she says.


Folds Into a Box Resume

Omondi Abudho designed a resume that folds into a box.


Omondi Abudho is a Kenyan art director and photographer who is well-known for his photography, but has also picked up quite a bit of attention for his resume.

He designed a resume that potential employers could cut out and fold into a box, complete with creative “nutrition” facts. The result was immediate. He got three good job offers from top agencies in Kenya. He’s currently a creative partner at Scanad in Nairobi.

Being different sometimes pays off.

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