Cricket and Lessons About the Workplace

Cricket World Twenty20

Cricket World Twenty20The ICC Cricket World Twenty20 2016 is here. Keeping the cricket fever alive, we bring you a few striking similarities between the strategies and philosophies on a cricket field and in our workplaces.

Managers take up all the pressure just like the captains of a cricket team. With the hopes of everyone riding on their shoulders, cricketers have to tackle a lot of hardships both mentally and physically, just like our managers.

Here are our key takeaways:

The Bigger Picture

If you get too much involved in solving what’s required immediately, you may lose the larger perspective. A leader in a corporate set-up, just like the captain of a cricket team, plans ahead, predicting not only the opponent’s next move but also directing the team’s efforts in combating any unforeseen challenge that may come up.

Performance Under Pressure

Be it a Cricket field or a corporate set-up, there’s a common saying that’s universal – perform or perish. From the current situation of the match to meeting the expectations of the billions watching, the reason for a cricketer to feel the pressure could be several. Likewise, a professional in an organisation could be surrounded by many factors that build performance pressure. The key is to pick yourself up and every time you feel overwhelmed by pressure, take it head on and let your confidence boost your game.

Take Charge

While there is a strategy to follow a lot of times a bowler takes a decision on the spot to change the strategy or the captain comes up with a new plan at the last moment based on the scenario. It’s critical for corporate professionals too to develop the ability to think on their feet and this only comes from years of experience.

Team Spirit

Cricket players don’t play for themselves, they play for the country as one team. While in the game it’s not just the bowler, fielders or batsman who wins the match alone – it’s the team effort that matters. Similarly, when at work, you should work not only towards meeting your own targets but also the common interests of the team.

The Real Winner – Cricket

Winning is not the key. Playing the game with the right attitude is. At work you face failure like clients leaving, deals breaking and opportunities being missed. What makes a difference is when you take things sportingly, move on and bounce back to do better the next time.

There is lots to learn from sportsmen about how to be better at what we do. It requires strong determination and experience to handle things tactfully and with some skill.

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