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How you start the year may indicate how you finish says Executive Coach, Bina Jhaveri. To finish strong, set out with a new focus in 2015.2015

The importance of how you begin and sustain 2015 cannot be overstated or underrated. You must be super-clear about this. The resolutions I’m going to give you will be different to the usual. They will serve as your ammunition in the year ahead, aiding you to think in a whole new way about your business and professional outlook. A few sure-fire ways to make it the ultimate year of your life.

1. Be the People, not the Plan.
Begin the year by looking at goals and tasks in a way that will serve the ones around you, not just putting a business plan into motion. Figure out what it is that will help others within the organization thrive, create opportunities for growth and development and win!

2. Be(lieve) in Dialogue. Listen & Understand, not Lecture & Preach.
Open your ears and your mind and allow others to express their viewpoints, ideas and strategies. Even if you have alternate thoughts, keep an open perspective and give them a real chance. You just nev-er know, you may learn something new along the way.

3. Be part of the Community, not just a Business.
Grow your sphere of influence and expand your vision by looking beyond your company. Partner with others, create value-centric associations, invest in young, dynamic talent and experiment with robust plans which in turn, create larger impact and touch people along the way.

4. Be the Solution, not the Problem. Throughout the organisation.
Let your organization, its offering and its people always be an outlet that provides a solution for others. This means having a culture that is open, communicative and challenging. Don’t be the one who focuses on what went wrong and why things didn’t happen. Move past that and put your energy towards an immediate, alternate path of positivity.

5. Be Accountable, not create Excuses.
When we look to ourselves for actions and results, we live in an empowered way. This fuels each part of our day and year. Create a commitment to always take responsibility, not push things off on others; internalize when things go wrong, not externalize and blame; stand behind decisions with confidence, not keep a moving target.

2015 can be your best year. Be sure to take an overall review of the past, learn from it and move forward in a way that will serve you. How you start may clearly indicate how you finish.

Shed beliefs that no longer enable you and begin afresh! Here’s wishing you a Grand New Year! 🙂

Bina Jhaveri has over 20 years of global professional experience, as reputed business consultant, an intuitive strategist, executive and spirit coach. She works with professionals from several corporates, forging unique partnerships, helping them attain and exceed their goals whilst generating path-breaking results within their lives. Bina is also a writer by passion, who writes for several lifestyle magazines & blogs.

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