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You are reading this because success has already touched your feet, you are your team’s guiding star and an awesome leader. But, you are not satisfied with your approach in likeability- be it your business, life, relationships or job. Having met many leaders, I personally used to think what is it that made them likable( by all!) and also made their organizations profitable. It is, in fact, the simple things they do in their daily routine backed by an attitude of not seeing everything as a revenue generating activity. Having been there and done that, I am listing a few vital yet simple things to follow that will make you a better leader.

1. Making them understand via a story


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People are buying ideas in form of products and services these days and a leader should know how to narrate incidences to captivate their customers. The only way to easily win over, is to tell a tale that is real yet fancy enough to lure them.

2. Loving your team, adapting to their culture- and not setting the culture yourself


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You are nobody without your team. Be a part of their activities, adapt their thoughts and appreciate their out of the box thinking. This will bring them closer to you and soon you will have your own superb work culture where no one is dissatisfied!

3. Encouraging simplicity


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Who likes complex structures, algorithms, or relations? Plan things in a manner that makes the most difficult of projects distilled and easy to understand for your team; if it’s easy for them to understand, it’s simple and sure for customers to buy too. Simple! Isn’t it?

4. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Know it.


When people are talking, listen carefully. Most people just hear and let go. A good leader listens to the feedback from the customer’s experience. He listens to peers and keeps his mind open to new ideas. He listens to investors and competitors too. Be a good listener is vital.

5. Loving your work is the key


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You cannot lead the ideation or execution of any product or service unless you love what you are researching about and working on. Being passionate about your work yourself, spreads similar vibes in the work area and affects everyone positively.

6. Transparency and authenticity


Speak the truth as and when possible. Yes, manipulation after a certain level is the need of an organisation but keep your team well spirited and your words transparent. All secrets kept now or later are eventually exposed for sure. Honesty and transparency will help you sleep well at night too.

7. Surprise and Delight your team


Who doesn’t like surprises? There are numerous ways in which you can surprise your team without spending a fortune. Think up new ways and you may yourself be surprised with the results!

8. Responsiveness is the golden rule


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Someone rightly said that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.
The best leaders are always approachable to their team members and customers. Also, whether the contact is email, LinkedIn, a post or a tweet, responding shows you care for them and this leaves a good impression always.

9. Something that a senior always forgets to do- Thank people.


A thank you is considered as the simplest form of gratitude one can give the other. Being thankful to clients, investors and even the peons that keep a leader’s personality humble and pleasing. It also makes you feel great! Never hesitate in saying thank you to at least 5 people every day.
Respect is all a leader needs to better himself/herself in the long run. Follow these golden rules and you will feel like a true leader. Not only will you feel the difference, your co-workers, friends and people around you will see a positive change in you.
You are already better after reading this! Don’t you think?

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