Every Job Is a Dream Job If You Work Right

dream job

It is quite normal to find yourself ‘not-feeling-it’ after a few years of working at the same place. Things do tend to get a little monotonous. The job that you believed once was your calling, that was diverse enough to challenge you every day, may not challenge you the same way. There is still, though, a certain level of comfort that you share with your job. Your relationship with your job, like every other, may get a little too stable after a while, but may still provide you the kind of satisfaction and content that it used to.

However, what if you aren’t as satisfied as you used to be? A recent job survey uncovers that about 60% of employees are not satisfied by their job, and feel as though they could move to find something better for them. What are they relying on?

The possibility of the dream job.

The ‘dream job’ for a person is the illusion that they form inside their heads about the unverified existence of a job outside their comfort zone, way beyond their level of skills, that has everything- their dream pay, ideal location, and the kind of co-workers that’ll never want to make you leave your workstation.

This outlook on life is extremely optimistic- age is no bar, and coping with a change in career can seem daunting at first. But perhaps, sometimes, the little, rational voice inside your head may remind you that this job is the best you can get, no matter how much you put in to start afresh. Your coworkers are supportive, work is a little mundane but you know what you’re doing, your boss is understanding, and the pay is pretty good. So why not try to make this job your dream job?

  1.    Return on Career Capital

capitalDon’t think about the money here- there’s no reason to stay in a job that is dissatisfying just because you spend an exorbitant amount of money completing your MBA.

However, consider the returns that you received from investing yourself in that job. Remember the time, money and the hard work you put in to get this job. You had to be trained, and you had to compete with yourself to show your seniors how you can do a lot better. You proved to your seniors, if not yourself, that you were meant for this job.

This gave you your returns. You got a promotion, better pay, better projects, better perks, and an overall better experience to validate your decision. Your career capital is your investment in your 40 years of sticking to the industry, and your returns are increasing every few years. Constant increase in return is proof enough of how your job was meant for you.

  1.    Look at Your Star Network

star network

Your star network is the 5 people that you interact with the most at work, such as 2 friends, one boss, one super boss, and one junior that you mentor. Look at how they work, and look at their level of satisfaction with the job. This will give you a good unbiased perception of your workplace.

There is no compulsion here to be fine with your job just because your peers are. However, a satisfied/ satisfying work culture that functions in peace and harmony, and works strategically to solve problems, is deeply revered.

Studying them will also give you a good view about the kind of people that you interact with. Positive auras enhance your work experience, as well as help you get the load off with off-site networking.  

  1.    Everyone Dreams Everyday

dream jobThere is no ‘one dream job’ for anyone. As you grow, so do your likes and dislikes. You start to think in a more structured manner, and a job that you idolized 5 years ago, may not suit your abilities and current situation.

You may think then, didn’t I choose this job long before that? By that logic, this one should be even more out of date!

The fact still remains that as you progressed in your life, and faced a dozen changes, your career adapted itself to your situations and provided you with comfort and stability in the time of need.

Frankly, your dream may change every day- what seemed stable to you a few years ago, may not feel the same way now. How assured are you of your success in your dream job? What really is your dream job? And how do you know which one of your dream jobs yet would suit you the best?

  1.    Nail Your Job!

jobMany a times one loses interest in their job just because it fails to challenge them. Have you given your job any reason to challenge you?

The first few weeks of your job were meant to be challenging- the seniors were supposed to guide you, your boss was supposed to push you as far as he could to see what you did best. Once they realize how good you are at something, it is but obvious that they will hand over that task to you.

The simple reason behind that is the fact that they need assurance that the task will be performed in the best way possible- for which, they entrust you with the same.

Because of lack of interest, do not let that trust in you fade. You are the best at your job, but reluctance is a likely cause to bring down your morale.

Show your seniors that you are the best at your job- along with that, outperform your job in a way that getting your job done by you becomes a piece of cake. Once that begins to happen, they will give you more responsibilities, and provide you with more challenging and dynamic tasks to help you keep up with your extra time.

  1.    Balance Your Work and Nurture Yourself


At the end, it’s all about you. You aren’t in an unforgiving relationship with your job. It is just a means to give you stability and comfort, to keep you involved during your days. The job is still all about you, and it is a means to keep you satisfied with all that it provides you with.

In the case of dissatisfaction, keep a good, sturdy line drawn between your life and your work. Never should it drip over to your ‘me time’. Whatever you indulge in after you turn 25, is all meant to cater to your needs and wants, and to provide yourself and those you love utmost luxury, you should keep your work life balance well maintained.

Invest in yourself, and never let yourself feel drained or low, just because of your job that doesn’t satisfy you to its fullest. Use the resources you have and the resources you earn to make yourself feel like the best version of you.

In no way should you try to convince yourself, that this job is your dream job. The mentioned steps will only work out well if you know that what you have done till now, and what prospects your job will offer you in the future. If everything works out right, you will find your much needed satisfaction in your current job. 

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