Don’t Let Holiday Season Restrict You From Your Job Search.


As the year is coming to an end, you will see the hiring manager and recruiters switching off. With Christmas, Diwali, New Year round the corner the job market takes the brunt.
So what do you do with at this time in hand? Do you shut down your job search hunt and wait to welcome and restart in 2016?Considerably, this is really the BEST TIME TO WORK ON YOUR RESUME AND ENHANCING YOUR SKILLS.

Don’t press a “pause” button on your job search but keep going.

Resume Alteration -Focus on rewriting your resume or create a cover letter that you can attach with every job application.This can be drafted by resume writing experts in case you do not want to make amendments yourself.

Timeline & List – Best time to expand your research, what clients and industry you would like to target?  Create a list of companies, industry, jobs that you desire to apply to. Set your goals and map the path you want to take towards your targeted job.You have to keep the job search alive between the Diwali hustle and bustle and New Year loud celebrations.

 Become Social This holiday season would involve a lot of dinners, social gathering and meeting new people. Do the same for your professional connects, socialize. Enhance your social media activity, make more connects, improve your social profile, learn different techniques to brand yourself.

Reap What You Sow – Heard this quote “What you sow is what you reap”, follow it this season. Don’t pause your job search. This is the time to read every job description posted, search all the platform you could use to reach the recruiter.Apply on multiple jobs as mostly hiring starts after the holiday season. As for most of you this would be a time off from work so use this time to apply on as many jobs as possible.

Coaching and Counseling – You need to keep upgrading your skill to grow in your career. Technology has made it flexible and convenient to enroll in these courses.Holiday season is the best to enroll for the courses or opt for counseling for your next career move.This will help you to score more in your interview.
So celebrate and enjoy the festive season and don’t shut your job search shop.

Happy Hunting!

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