How Ready Are You For Change?


In an age of innovation and disruption, change is inevitable. Change is affecting us everywhere – Change in the way we do business, change in the way we associate with one another, and change in the way we treat our own selves. Darwin’s theory of Evolution, has always emphasised on how change & adaptability is the very fuel for evolution and our continued survival. Those who refuse to change will eventually find themselves to be stuck in a rut and would begin to question their own worth. Success and motivation can be tough in such challenging times, but we, the human race, have always had the capacity to change almost any adversity into an opportunity by adopting a positive attitude for change readiness.

Hence in these disruptive times, Change readiness is almost as vital, an essential quality in any successful candidate, as is motivation for Success. Just as, If the candidate does not display strong enough reasons for his/ her motivation, you might as well get ready to fire him/her already. Without solid motivation, no employee can create great results. Similarly, without change-readiness, the employee cannot embrace the challenges of our disruptive times.

Why do organizations require Change-readiness? Change is the essence of growth. This is all the more prevalent with the ever growing competitiveness of the business environment. In such unpredictable and volatile times, there is only one way that a company can succeed – By embracing change. For the company to embrace change, the employees have to be change ready. As an employer, If you end up spending too much of your company resources in getting your employee change-ready, then you will fall back in the race of business profits. And if you forcibly apply changes when your people are not yet change-ready, then the organisation will begin to crumble. Neither one of those situations will act as a viable solution.

The volatility of the competitive & technological environment today, necessitates that all the employees are change-ready. And if you put on our thinking hat, you would be able to make that shift in your hiring process itself, from bottom-up.

What you can do about your individual change-readiness? Increasing number of multinational companies have already made that change in their hiring processes. You will notice that the HR is digging in further for your experiences, in search for a moment where you display a readiness to embrace change. Its relevance has only grown in the recent times. This paradigm shift can work to your advantage if you allow
yourself to overcome the fear of judgements and stop making those judgements yourself.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama (Former President of The United States of

Be mindful of how the trends around you are changing, and do not resist them. Make a genuine attempt to educate yourself, and learn from the younger generations. The next generation will lead this change. Display change-readiness in your attitude and you experience. Allow and accept these changing times to make you stronger and grow your sense of self esteem. Embrace the new, open up to new ways, new ideas, new experience, and new people. Eventually, Change-readiness is what will come to differentiate a better leader.

Akanksha Vir
Akanksha Vir is an international Leadership coach,
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