5 Career Podcasts You Need to Listen to on Your Way to Work

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Travelling is an inevitable part of your career. A majority of your life at work is spent travelling back and forth, and you can’t help but wonder how you’re supposed to pass time.

Many of us who are not as entertained by music as the others may find their journey extremely dissatisfying. Somehow, ringing up a friend every time, or turning on the FM with the same old songs that seem to play all over town anyway, does not seem like a very refreshing experience at 8 in the morning (especially when it’s a Monday).

Times like these call for some clear and motivating insights from people who know what it’s like to work- yes, sometimes, you just need someone with a little zing and motivation to get you through your day and help you move through the week.

This is when you turn to podcasts. A seemingly outdated concept, podcasts are still a very good way to stay in touch with reality and yourself.

Here is a list of 5 podcasts that we have compiled for you to listen to on your way to work:

James Altucher

Through interviews, James in almost all of his podcasts manages to grasp the inlying meaning and purpose of one’s career. Almost all of his podcasts are interviews, and by no means does he limit himself to a certain segment. People tend to look for motivation for their career in conventional sources- people with the same profession, the HR, and their bosses/colleagues. However, in these podcasts, he shows that motivation can be found in the places that you look for it in- musicians, designers, professors, and historians. The best part about his podcasts is that he summarizes all the points beautifully in his blog for you to recap as and when you find it convenient. Click here to listen to the Podcast

Side Hustle School

A podcast started by Chris Guillebeau is meant to focus on aspects other than your main career- the side hustle. A side hustle is supposed to be an investment, a business, a skill or some other form of diversion that you dedicate yourself to apart from your main job. Chris, who himself is involved in over 9 projects of his own, aspires to grow horizons of his listeners, by teaching them through real life examples how to expand their knowledge and functioning. You no longer have to be good at just one job. Click here to listen to the Podcast. 

Dan Miller’s 48 days

Somehow, giving a deadline seems more promising than a general guide to a happier career. The audience willingly listens to each and every one of his podcasts in the hope that they will lead to the change that they have always wanted. Of course, the man delivers what he promises. Through his podcasts, he tackles the normal dissatisfactions in career, or even in our lives in general that affect our performance. He provides his audience with relevant stories, tips and advices to help them lead a more efficient life. The best part about his podcasts is the fact that he believes in internal satisfaction, as well as the need to aspire for profitability in one’s career. Click here to listen to the Podcast.

Being Boss

This unconventional podcast run by two women entrepreneurs, Kathreen and Emily has a general theme of leadership, taking charge, and getting a hold of the situation running through the entire episode. They’re not at all formal, but they’re very real. Dealing with the normal and more realistic issues in life is what they focus on. According to them, “let’s get real” and “you got this” is the kind of confidence they want to instill in their listeners with the help of the interviews they conduct with their ‘boss’ guests. Click here to listen to the Podcast.

Back to Work

A podcast production of 5by5, something that is conventionally supposed to mean utmost strength and perfect clarity, Dan and Merlin aspire to inspire and discuss an individual’s requirement to achieve and fulfill with their best efforts their needs to communicate, perfect their productivity and remove all constraints in their work life. Sprinkled with light humor, they don’t contain their conversations to work and career advice strictly. They deviate greatly, all while maintaining your interest. Even in something that is relevant (but not so interesting otherwise) as your smartphone getting tracked. Click here to listen to the Podcast.

Two hours a day are a good amount of time to change your mind and personality into something that you have always wanted to become. Invest 40 minutes a day into listening to these podcasts, and experience the difference first hand as you reach your office on time, in a good mood, driven to work better than ever.

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