Career Bucket List 2014

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bucket ListNew Year Resolutions often become history a few hours after they are made.

In 2014 make way for the career bucket list: the trendy new way of achieving.

Your career bucket list is the must-do list of all that you really want to achieve on the job & career front – before it’s too late. Dust down your dreams and join us as we get the year started with what’s trending on career bucket lists!

– Enter the career ‘hall of fame’: Become the go-to in person your chosen area of expertise and stake your claim to fame based on unique skill sets, experiences and strengths. Now you know why you worked so hard on creating a personal brand.

– Earn social karma: Karma comes to careers. It’s not only about using your connections to find a job; it’s about referring jobs to others, re-tweeting their tweets, acknowledging their knowledge, liking their updates… In the social world, what goes around comes around.

– Do a great job – on your career: There’s a difference. Your job is not your career and vice versa. You have worked hard on your job, but that’s not necessarily the same as focusing on your career. This year make your career a priority; don’t bury it under an everyday workload and deadlines.

– Make a real difference at work: You have always wanted to give time to a social cause. As organizations encourage employee-led CSR units, make it happen this year at work itself. Some people we know started the year right by donating blankets on cold nights on January 01 – may your tribe grow!

– Travel on your job: Exotic destinations are no longer just reserved for holidays. The travel bug is catching on in careers too. Professionals are going international, looking for & finding a job in a country that want to work in.

– Go for an image makeover: From your corporate wardrobe to your social profile, put your best face forward in 2014. Spend a week’s salary on yourself – you deserve it!

– Connect to a role-model: You have looked up to someone as your role-model – perhaps a larger than life industry leader, a global businessman or a motivational guru. Reach out and find ways to connect. In our super-connected global village, we’re sure you will find a way.

Ever thought about what you really want to do in your career? Seize the moment, do it now.

Live your dream. Happy 2014!

Let’s talk careers. We’re keen to hear from you.

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    1. @Ibro: To be fair, it’s easy to miss out because there are plenty of times when your job and career do overlap 🙂 But we believe it’s important to take stock of your career independently… feedback appreciated, thanks.

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