7 Strategies to Help You Earn a Promotion


You work hard, have the enthusiasm and show great work ethics to be qualified for the next position. But you’re not getting the traction at work to get ahead and your wait for that ‘promised’ promotion seems to be stretching longer than ever.


Thing is, being good at your job alone will not guarantee you a promotion anymore. In other words, the rules for earning a promotion have evolved and are not as methodical as they were in the past. If you see a future for yourself at your company, there’s no better time than now to show your manager you’re ready for the next challenge.

Incorporating these strategies into your plan will definitely increase your chances and perhaps, get you a lot more along the way.

Ask How You Can Help

“Do you need any extra help with that project?”

It may sound obvious yet, rarely are these words spoken. A simple question like that shows you’re committed, helpful and looking to get involved in new ways. Even if the help isn’t needed, the fact you offered will be remembered, especially at the time of your promotion. Obviously, you shouldn’t be asking your boss to spoon-feed you along every step of a project, but a well-timed “How can I help?” is much appreciated. This will be an important factor when a promotion comes along.

Ask for Authority and Responsibility

Offer to help other departments or teams when you can. Volunteering to help out or simply asking for more responsibilities increases your value within the company. This shows your desire and intent to watch your company succeed. Alternatively, it will also get you noticed among others and bring your valuation for the company in the spotlight.

Help Your Colleagues Succeed

Recently, “team” has replaced every office unit from department to the entire company, and each employee is expected to be a team player. Alternatively, complaining about your role on the team can be both futile and aggravating to your boss. And by being a team player, you only build your reputation and increase your chance for a promotion.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt to help make your boss look good.

Stay Involved and Included

Doing just enough doesn’t get you a promotion. Make the effort to be included on those important assignments so your boss sees you as a reliable leader. Offer your help, volunteer and represent your department or company when you can. The more involved and engaged you are, the easier it will be to envision you in a leadership role. People who get a promotion usually have a sense of pride for their work and respect for those they work with. They are driven by enthusiasm and the desire to do their best no matter how small the job.

‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’

“I appreciate it when someone challenges my thinking,” says any boss who wants the company to flourish.

That doesn’t mean you should be arguing with your supervisors on a regular basis, but if you have a well thought-out point that disagrees with your boss’s plan, consider bringing it up directly. If you have the facts or data to exemplify your point, surely you should be confident to put your point across. But avoid sounding boastful and stubborn.

Never Skip the Office Party

It’s a common practice to have business deals done on golf courses. This also applies to office parties. Socializing with co-workers can reveal a wealth of information about the workplace. So, skipping the office party can mean missing the basic office news and alienating yourself from the people you spend more than 8 hours of a day with. An added benefit of networking is that you will learn much more about the company. When a great opportunity comes along, who will be picked? Definitely not the guy who never comes for the party.

Know Your Job—and Do More

No one likes to ask twice to get something done. It’s important to be aware of your responsibilities and to know which tasks are crucial, and which can take a backseat. People who become the stars of their company make a conscious effort to get there and more so, to stay there. They not only support and nurture their own skills but help others grow with them. They consult and train others, volunteer on projects, and share the kudos when their team succeeds.
And doing that, will definitely get you noticed.

Employ these strategies to secure a strong foothold on your next promotion. When the opportunities start to solidify, you could be the first in line to move up.

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