6 Things to Keep in Mind to Build Your Online Reputation Professionally

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The famous saying, ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it,’ has never held more water than it does in today’s digital world. Almost the entire world is online and everything – from your social media updates, to details about your previous jobs – is available to them with a click. Professionally, your online reputation goes a long way in order to achieve success. Here are a few basic check points to keep in mind if you plan to build your online reputation professionally.

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1. Check yourself on popular search engines regularly

Your online presence makes a large impact on your professional life. First and foremost, check what Google, Wikipedia and other popular search engines say about you. Consider changing any negative aspect of your personality that can potentially hamper your online reputation. Make sure you look for your name, nickname(s), maiden name, misspells of your name, your email address, your phone number and other ways by which you can be tracked.

2. Monitor and edit your profile on social media

Make sure you run through your social media accounts, blogs and other forums to and ensure that they have no negative posts or photos that may leave a wrong professional. Also, check if any of your old deleted accounts are still cached on the internet. To check your indirect reputation, run a rough check the social media accounts of your friends, family members, and others, just to be sure.

3. Optimize your social media activities

Post your opinions and ideas in a coherent and crisp way as it gives your account character. If you like, you can change your privacy settings to make sure your social media profiles are not openly available for all. For Facebook, you can open the ‘Privacy’ menu and set your preferences up. This will make all your past, present and future posts private, so you don’t have to worry about making each post private. You can do the same for your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles also.

4. Strategically respond to negative reviews

Everything has a good and a bad side. One bad comment can be more hard-hitting than 100 good feedbacks. Make sure you respond to all the negativity strategically and politely so as to be perceived as open minded and responsive. These traits are very vital professionally as well. Also, make sure that your posts and responses come from a sane and well-informed place. Maybe social media isn’t the best place for an uninformed rant.

5. List your dreams and ambitions online

Make a wish list, or a blog entry about your goals and ambitions. They don’t all have to be professional. This helps you seem like a focused and confident person. Not to forget, this will help you see your goals regularly and work on them. The encouragement that you’ll get is also a plus!

6. Follow people you look up to

You can follow all the people you admire for their insight and wisdom. Following them also helps you seem ambitious and enthusiastic. This goes a long way in setting a tone for your social media presence.


These are the most basic Online Reputation Management tricks one should keep in mind in today’s scenario. It is advisable to always think before you post.

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