5 Productivity Hacks You Need To Know Now To Improve Your Performance at Work

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Everyone only has 24 hours in a day, whether it is the Prime Minister or your subordinates. However, how you choose to spend your time is your decision. You can either increase your working hours, or work smart (hint: an intellectual will opt for the latter). It’s easier said than done, but if we incorporate these brilliant productivity hacks in our professional life, we can do wonders.

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1. Schedule your on-screen and notification view time.

One of the most distracting things is the insane number notifications you keep receiving almost every minute on your smart phones and laptop screens. These tend to distract you and keep you from focusing on the work at hand. One should turn-off all the notification sounds to do a task in minimal time and great efficiency. You can even schedule a mailing time each day.

2. Make the best out of your commuting time.

This time can be effectively used for all your mails, creating your everyday to-do list, or for some brainstorming. Trust us, this will be like a bonus for you and when you reach office, you know when to do what!

3. Take a short break every 45-60 minutes.

Researchers have proved that if you work continuously on a project, your efficiency decreases with time. Whereas, people who go on short breaks to take walks, or to have lunch outside tend to have reduced stress levels and manage to retain their creativity through the day. The breaks also help them re-focus on the tasks to be done the rest of the day. Just getting up from your chair and taking a round in the office can be very relaxing.

4. There is nothing like ‘a perfect job done’.

People tend to use more time than required to make a project perfect. In a fit to present the best, they usually tend to under deliver and that too, after the deadline has passed. It’s always better to complete a task and move up the work ladder than to be stuck at one place; if need be, you can always revise and adjust things to improve later.

5. Focus at one thing at a time.

It’s an old-school thought that people who multitask can do more in a day. Global researchers have proved that multitasking is not productive at all. For most advantageous productivity, one should focus on single task at a time. Doing this not only improves your quality of work, also keeps your head clear resulting in less mistakes and confusions.
Hope these hacks make you a better and productive professional rather than a confused and stressed one. It’s always better to take a step back and plan your time in order to give your best performance at work.

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