10 Effortless Things You Can Change In Your Resume To Get Hired


b2When your resume is the only means in your job search cache, you are basically trying too hard to impress those who are a pro in rejecting them. They don’t do it intentionally. My boss recruits Product Developers and he amusingly tells me that all resumes and cover letters are exactly the same.When I analysed myself, I was doing the same! Isn’t it a fraud we are doing with ourselves… copying a successful friend’s resume and doing what not to get the job. As a result it’s incredibly challenging for recruiters to find the right individual.Here is a ‘Resume Hack’ that you can very easily incorporate in your two pages of destiny to prove yourself better and eligible for job. I think skills urbanized and showcased from structuring your unique brand can be beneficial to any job, not considering what your field of work is.
Use these easy tips to have your resume pop-out from the lot!

1. Replace objective and aspirations with Qualifications/ Work History on the top of your resume.
No one is interested in your goals of life. They want to know whether you can do their work with competency or not. That’s it. If you are a fresher, you can mention in one line about what you aim to be in the next 5 years down the line. Here is an example of how you can implement this change-
•    Post- Graduate/Bachelor’s degree
•    3 years of PR experience
•    4 years of marketing experience
•    MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel experience since school.
•    Fluent in (Any relevant Foreign/Native language)
•    2 years of management experience, etc…
Remember, this should be in recent -to-old experience/ qualification order.

2. Use these dynamic words instead of basic ones to fit in any job category that would impress your recruiter:
•    Solutions- People will hire you to solve a problem in the business. Tell them you can.
•    Flexible- People appreciate any day any time workers. If you can always be available, let them know.
•    Commitment- There is no denying in the fact that commitment is vital part of any post.
•    Learned- What you have learned in past builds up your experience and not the no. of years you have spent.
•    Results- Profit or loss? Success or failure? Did your work made things happen?
•    Competency- Show that you are competent enough for this job. What you write is what you are.
•    Recognised- Mention all your recognitions, good or bad. And the learning from that.
•    Profit/Revenue- If you can mention figures, that’s awesome.
•    Impact- Did your peers/boss got inspired by you? What impact did your attitude had on others?

3. Do not change text in an online free template-
If you want to use a template for idea, there’s nothing wrong with it. Just play safe. You need to create your own original resume in the end. Doing so shows that your skills and accomplishments directly support the credentials each company is searching for.

4. Your language should be humble and persuasive.
Your language should be nowhere near to pride and self- obsession. You are selling yourself as a brand to the company. Give them the reasons to buy your skills and not reasons to eye-roll on your flashy accomplishments.

5. No caps-lock on please.
It is considered that using caps lock to emphasise on an achievement is something that gives a negative impression. It shows that you are over-confident about that trait of yours. If you have caps lock on for any text, correct it.
6. Use bullets. No one has the time to read lengthy paragraphs.
It’s always better to be precise than to be ignored. Always use crisp language and avoid detailed description of your endeavours. It will save recruiter’s valuable minutes and they will know that you value time too.

7. Do not allow any lay-man to give you suggestions for editing.
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8. Give reasons to the recruiter as to why they should hire you.
Describe your personal brand to them. Do your own brand marketing. It’s like selling your services to someone who recognises your efforts and pays for it. A two page resume must have all the logical reasons as to why you should be hired.

9. Remove Reference as one of your sub-heads
References in B/W kills the essence of your personal achievements. If you have referrals, it will automatically reach through word of mouth or you can casually talk about it on call. You don’t need to write them in your resume.

10. Proof-read what you have written.
The most important of all the edits. Always do a self assessment through recruiter’s eye. If possible, ask a friend of yours to critically examine the details, the grammar and the punctuation, and you are good to go!

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  1. Great advice. Candidates who are making their resume for the first time should keep these tips in mind because resume is the first and foremost part of every job interview as without resume and interview the person is not selected for a job.

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